(Branson MO – Wednesday, January 14, 2020) Droopy Drawers Jr, a/k/a Tim Mabe, will join long time Branson favorites and sisters, Tammy & Tonya Bilyeu, on stage at the Grand Country Music Hall in two shows – Ozarks Country and Ozarks Gospel. Both shows are on Sundays with the Ozarks Gospel Show at 2:00 PM and the Ozarks Country Show at 7:00 pm beginning March 1, 2020.

Tammy Bilyeu says, “We’re excited to have our cousin, Tim Mabe, in the shows this year. Having traditional Ozarks’ comedy that Droopy Drawers Jr brings to the stage is just one more way we can provide a unique entertainment experience for our visitors. Droopy Drawers Jr is truly a beloved character.”  Tonya Bilyeu adds, “It also feels right to be together on stage. All three of us performed in the Baldknobbers’ Jamboree Show and have fond memories of that shared experience as well as admiration for the music and comedy passed down thru the generations.” Tim Mabe says, “After deciding to make this move I realized that all three of us are on the same brainwave…which might mean we’re a little bit challenged, so ya’ll best come check it out as soon as possible.”

Ozarks Gospel combines great music with good clean laughter and family fun. The sweet harmonies and hand-clapping excitement of some of the good old Southern Gospel music are delivered by sisters Tammy & Tonya Bilyeu. From I’ll Fly Away to Turn Your Radio On, this show is an uplifting, toe-tapping, feel good, take you to church experience.

Then when the sun goes down, the fun is just beginning at Ozarks Country. Performing the classic country music of yesteryear and the best of today’s hot country hits the Bilyeu sisters bring over 50 years of top-level show experience to the stage. The comedy of Droopy Drawers Jr keeps folks in their seats rolling while the hot band featuring Jim Garstang, Todd Brumley, Garrett Massengale, Trent Dugger, and Tim Prososki and featured male vocalist John Lance join with Tammy and Tonya to deliver the songs you’re looking to hear…and feel.

Tammy & Tonya grew up performing with their family, The Baldknobbers, and then spent 16 years performing as the “Stutterettes” with Country Music Legend, Mel Tillis. Tim Mabe has performed with The Baldknobbers since 1985, first as their guitar player, then stepping into his Dad’s shoes to carry on the role of Droopy Drawers.

Both shows are performed at the Grand Country Music Hall, home to Authentic Ozarks Entertainment and Real Country Music. Tammy and Tonya say, “We’d like to thank Glenn Robinson, Mike Patrick, and Andy Holloway for believing in the importance of keeping the laughter rolling and encouraging us all to reunite on stage.”  Tammy says, “I believe our uncles and parents would approve of us cousins carrying on the family tradition of comedy and music!”