Branson's Performing Families

Branson, Missouri is home to all manner of exciting live shows, and one of the things that makes this city special is it’s number of families in the entertainment business.  These performers are sure to make you feel like a member of their family when you come to see their show!

Branson superstars the Duttons have long been mainstays of the local entertainment scene, and their lifetime of musical performance is obvious when you watch their high-octane show.  Parents Dean and Sheila Dutton decided to start their children in music lessons with the kids were very young with the hope that the lessons would teach their children the value of discipline and hard work.  They never dreamed that they would end up going into the music business themselves, but when the three oldest Dutton children wanted to form a bluegrass band, Dean and Sheila honed their own musical skills and joined the kids on guitar and bass, respectively.  Today, the parents still perform in the family’s show and manage the wide range of Dutton family businesses. 

The Dutton family  has been performing together since 1991.  In addition to their theater here in Branson, they also run a restaurant, a gift shop, and a hotel, all in close proximity to the theater.  The family also owns a theater in Mesa, Arizona, where they perform during Branson’s off-season.  This hard-working and talented family performs over 300 shows a year in Branson alone!  One of the things that makes the Duttons’ show so special is that the family plays such a wide variety of instruments.  Between them, they play violin, guitar, bass, viola, banjo, mandolin, piano, harmonica, and drums, among other things.  The Duttons are also all talented singers and dancers, and the family produces everything from the choreography to the technical aspects of the show.  When you watch the Duttons’ show, expect to see side-splitting comedy, incredible singing and dancing, some of the best instrumental music in town, and music ranging from bluegrass and country to pop and rock music from today and yesteryear.  This talented family is sure to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart!

Another one of Branson’s incredible performing families is the Hughes family, and they have been bringing their unique brand of family entertainment to Branson audiences from their theater on the Highway 76 Strip since 2000.  Brothers Marty, Jason, Adam, Ryan, and Andy were raised by musical parents and have been performing together for almost 30 years.  The brothers’ wives are also all talented singers, dancers, and actresses and join their husbands in the It show.  As the Hughes family has expanded, so has the cast of their show- all 45 members of the family perform in It!

It is truly a one-of-a-kind show, showcasing powerful singing, elegant and graceful dancing, and some of the most beautiful sets and costumes you’ll see anywhere.  The show also features a live band made up of some of Branson’s most seasoned musicians, and their skill and precision make them one of the best bands around.  The Hughes brothers’ tight harmonies and intricate song arrangements are at the center of the show, and they perform a wide variety of music.  Whether it’s country, gospel, oldies, Broadway showtunes, or today’s pop and country hits, there will be something everyone can enjoy at It!  You’ll also be impressed by the brothers’ amazing and gifted children.  Over 20 of the brothers’ combined children are also in the show, and all of them play instruments, sing, and dance, just like their parents.  You’re sure to love the part of the show where the kids all show off their incredible violin shows.  The kids also take part in an old-fashioned melodrama that is sure to warm your heart. Also, if you arrive at the theater early enough, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a delicious dinner before you watch he show. 

If you’re looking for unique entertainment that everyone in your family can enjoy, let the friendly folks at Branson’s Best Reservations book you tickets to see one of our incredible performing families.  These shows may even inspire you to form your own family band!

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