About Sight & Sound Theatres

For nearly 40 years, Sight & Sound Theatres has brought Bible stories to life on stage in jaw-dropping scale.  With 2,000+ seat theaters in Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO, more than a million people come each year to experience these original, live portrayals of faith, courage, hope, and redemption.  Being “wowed” by the production is only where the experience begins!

JESUS 2021
March 13 – December 31

From the bustling streets of Jerusalem to the raging Sea of Galilee, JESUS is an action packed musical stage adventure for the whole family. Join Peter, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and a multitude of others as they journey alongside the most famous person ever to walk the earth.  Witness the most miraculous events in history as JESUS sets sail with fishermen and makes disciples out of the least expected.  The lives He touches will never be the same.  Experience the greatest rescue story of all time as it comes to life on stage with massive sets, special effects, and live animals in this original stage production from Sight & Sound Theatres.

  • Sight & Sound Theatres in Branson is conveniently located very near the Savannah House.

Go Backstage   <*Due to COVID-19, Backstage Tours have been CANCELED for 2021>

Every time a story comes to life on stage, a second show plays out backstage – the action behind the scenes.  Certain afternoons of the week, visitors are able to take an hour-long, interactive walking tour on the stage and behind the curtain.  Every Behind the Scenes Tour visitor gets to experience what the show is like from an actor’s perspective.  Visitors look out into the 2,100-seat auditorium while standing on the massive, three-sided stage; get up close and personal with the four-story high set pieces that move and drive all by themselves; see the lighting and soundboards where technicians demonstrate the digital magic that brings every performance to life; visit the actor’s dressing rooms and see how cast members get out of and into costumes in less than 30 seconds; and, perhaps best of all, meet and greet some of the famous Sight & Sound Theatres’ animal performers – live and in person!  The tour gives a sneak peek into their training routines and how the four-legged actors are prepped each day for their performances.

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